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I started making Custom Knives as a Full Time maker designer in 1991. I currently use CPM 154, steel. It is one of the cleanest U.S.A. produced higher quality steels.  I also use ATS34. 
All of my knives are made freehand. That is, I do not  incorporate the use of mills, lathes, surface grinders, etc....in my shop, there are just a couple of basic belt grinders, 1 disc grinder, and 1 drill press and a band saw. I feel that as long as I can make a living building knives with a minimum of mechanical assistance, relying instead on my own hand craftsmanship then that is the way I prefer it. And I hope that this manner of making knives will in the long run give my knives a better
value. I strive, above all, to build a high quality product that the discriminating buyer will be proud to own. All knives are created by stock removal and are hollow ground, most all of them having tapered tangs and dovetailed bolsters. Then, with each piece I create, I offer

 My personal  satisfaction guarantee  because I stand behind my work and it's underlying quality is paramount.

Return your knife in 7 days in new condition for complete refund.

I strive to create designs that are highest in the custom hunting knife market. I build hunting knives, tactical knives, art knives and do engraving. I want people to know when they see one of my knives in a collection, "that is a Moulton knife". For me, that says that my work and heart created designs are unique and are recognized as a Moulton design with out having to read the name.

if you are looking for true AWARD WINNING quality handmade, Award Winning custom knives, please continue on. Thank You !

Hello all, well I am finally started building knives again. But can only work a short while. I also have to do some practice engraving before risking a knife. The first knife I am working on is my own, a Night Hawk with Blue & White Mammoth Tooth with engraving on it.



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